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VOE Request

Driver License Attendance Verification

For a student between the ages of 16 and 18 to obtain a driver’s license, written parental permission must be provided for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to access the student’s attendance records and, in certain circumstances, for a school administrator to provide the student’s attendance information to DPS. A verification of enrollment (VOE) form may be obtained from the office, which the student will need to submit to DPS upon application for a driver license.

Obtaining a VOE at Santa Fe High School

A student must be in attendance for 90% of the school day, for each class that was offered in the previous semester and have a passing grade for each class they were enrolled in (Texas Education Code 25.092). For example, if a student is seeking a VOE for the spring, the student’s VOE will be issued based upon their attendance in the previous fall semester. If the student was assigned make-up hours in the previous semester, they are not eligible for a VOE. Make-up hours do not count towards VOEs and the student will have to reapply the following semester. A student may have received a denial letter for the following reasons: they do not meet the 90% attendance requirement or they owe fines or fees to Santa Fe High School. If a denial letter is received, an appeal letter may be submitted to Santa Fe High School. The appeal letter should provide supporting documentation to support the claim that the student had extenuating circumstances. A committee meeting will be scheduled in which the student’s attendance history, academic history, and fines & fees history will be discussed. In most cases, the committee does not approve. The decision of the committee is final. If a VOE is denied, the student may re-apply at the beginning of the following semester.