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We are here to assist you in helping your student be successful at Santa Fe High School.  The best way to do this is for them to regularly attend class and be punctual.  Our goal is to keep an accurate record of your student’s attendance as required by the State of Texas.

State law requires that students be in attendance at least 90% of the days the class is offered (excused and unexcused absences combined).

SFHS Absence Excuse Form     SFHS Tardy Policy



Attendance Documentation Form

Please turn in all notes if you have outstanding unexcused absences.

To submit electronic documentation for your student's absence(s), click HERE.


Parents and Families-

We are seeing an increase in parents writing their students notes to leave campus for lunch due to the belief that we have "off-campus" lunch rules. When students return late, they are marked tardy and absent. Leaving campus for lunch is neither permitted nor an excusable reason to leave campus. In addition, students leaving campus to rush a 30-minute lunch to obtain fast food is a safety concern.

The ONLY students allowed to sign themselves out during the day, after following campus procedures, are 18-year-old students as required and permitted by the State of Texas. Attendance rules are still applicable to 18-year-old students. If a medical or court order note is not turned in to account for their time off campus, their time off campus is unexcused and can lead to make-up hours and denial of course credit.

Questions?  Contact attendance data specialist:  

Attendance Staff Members

Susan Bickerstaff
Attendance Data Specialist
  • attendance documentation
  • attendance data entry
  • attendance corrections
  • attendance excuse notes
Erin Withers
Attendance Improvement Specialist
Carol Cabe
Truancy Prevention & Home Visits
  • tardiness
  • truancy prevention
  • attendance monitoring


Links and Forms

                    Attendance Appeal Form                      

            Compulsory School Attendance              

Verification of Enrollment (VOE)  and  VOE Request Form

                          Attendance Works                             

Excused Absence Request for a College Visit

                 Attendance Tips for Parents                

             Every Day Counts Flyer (English)            

              Every Day Counts Flyer (Spanish)           

Make-Up Hours

Students who have exceeded more than 8 absences in any class period will owe make-up hours in order to gain course credit (Click here to learn more.). Please contact our attendance data specialist if you have questions regarding your student's attendance record:

Please turn in all medical notes if you have outstanding unexcused absences.

Remaining Make-up hour dates 

Parents and Students, please take note of our Semester Exam Exemption policy. Please keep this policy in mind when deciding to miss school for an unexcused absence if your student intends to qualify to be exempt from their semester exams.

As a reminder, students are marked "absent" if they are more than 10 minutes late to class. Because of compulsory attendance laws, students are required to be in each class 90% of the time. Students are only marked "tardy" if they are late by 10 minutes or less.